Maggie Gallagher Steps down from NOM

Maggie Gallagher- President, National Organization for Marriage

One Monday, April 19th Maggie Gallagher announced she will be stepping down as President of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). She has been President of NOM since it was founded three years ago, in 2007. Maggie will continue to serve on the Executive Committee and is writing a book for Oxford University Press call “Debating Same-Sex Marriage”. Maggie Gallagher was selected by the Church of Later Day Saints of Jesus Christ to run their front group NOM.

Brian Brown-Executive Director, National Organization for Marriage

Maggie will be replaced by Executive Director, Brian Brown who has been with NOM since its inception in 2007 and open their Washington DC office last year. Before joining NOM in 2007 Brian was the Executive Director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, a anti-gay organization which focused on Connecticut issues.

Read Maggie’s full announcement on the NOM Blog:¬†


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