Separation between Church and State

Our country was founded on the concept of freedom and equal rights as well as a separation between Church and State. We all know that there is nor will there ever be a complete separation between Church and State as we are a country founded on puritanical views.

That being said Proposition 8 is one of the worst separations between Church and State ever. It was a proposition put forth and largely supported by the Church of Later Day Saints of Jesus Christ (LDS). Not only that but the National Organization for Marriage was formed by the LDS Church. Don’t believe me? See where Maggie connects to the LDS Church:

Maggie Gallagher and NOM has become the very successful front group for the LDS Church and because of her the LDS Church has been able to get away with all of its involvements in the Proposition 8 campaign, including giving millions of dollars to the campaign, which is not allowed by-election law and could endanger their status as a tax-free organization.


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  The Glenn Beck Review wrote @

I have a post up today about James Madison’s views about the separation of church and state that you might enjoy.

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