I am whole

I have never in my life felt more robbed and less of a human being then on Tuesday, November 5, 2008. I was told by the state I now call home that I do not deserve to have the same rights as those who are straight. I was told by Maggie Gallagher, NOM and the Church of Later Day Saints of Jesus Christ that I am not equal to them. That they can control my life and tell me who I am and how I should act!!


I am whole!

I have never felt more passion, dedication or conviction to person by person prove to those who voted YES on 8 that I am as deserving of the same rights as they are. I do deserve to be a whole human being and next time when same-sex marriage comes up for a vote I know this state and this country will vote to have all of its members have the same human rights as those opposite sex couples have!!


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