How the vote came in

On Tuesday, November 5, 2008 Proposition 8 was finally put to the people to vote and many NO on 8 supports could not believe what they were seeing. Maggie Gallagher and the NOM campaign against Proposition 8 appeared to be working. At 11pm on Tuesday, November 5th Proposition 8 passed with:

YES-  52.24% (7,001,084)

NO-  47.76% (6,401,482)

The counties votes fell as such:

Proposition 8 Vote Distribution

Proposition 8 Vote Distribution

This means that only 599,602 people would need to vote NO for this Proposition to pass next time. Only half a million people made the difference between equal rights for all and telling those who love someone who is the same-sex as them that they are less whole!


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