The People Prop 8 Affected: Video

Proposition 8 was more than just 14 words. It was a proposition that changed people’s lives and made them feel less whole.

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) trumpeted the cause however, before I get into them I want you to meet some of the people who this proposition affected.



  formerpagentkid wrote @


  jilliansorem wrote @

This video really strengthened your post. The showcase of a personal story shows the excitement and joy that they had. To have their joy and rights taken away is sad. Good topic I strongly agree with your argument.

  kentringer wrote @

This video was moving. I think this is an important blog topic and I am very happy that you are tackling it. Thanks for writing about this.

  nshahani wrote @

I really like the repetition of “the 14 words” in your blog posts. I would like to see an entry that states these 14 words and your personal reaction to them.

  nfait wrote @

I’m interested to see what the rest of your posts will be like, and I think you have a great start here. The video is a very useful tool to make the issue more personal and put actual faces in our minds.

  jarvi102 wrote @

This is a very charged topic. It is so wildly unreasonable and archaic to be so ignorant towards truth, justice and equality. Its so hypocritical and ironic to live and breathe ‘equality and freedom for all’ but to turn around and say ‘sorry, no equality for you.’ I believe there is a lot of support for gay rights and equality. Its almost amazing it has hit such a wall within the confines of court and society. It is only a matter of time before this matter comes to justice. The Powers That Be are still run by predominantly outdated patterns of thought. I mean, they used to think slavery was moral. How fucked up is that?

  ericwillcockson wrote @

You make a very compelling case. I have never spent much time reading up on this issue but I definitely support your stance. I have no idea how it feels to be called vicious names but I know it is horrible. When it comes to the proposition, making people feel less whole is definitely wrong. Hearing these stories opens your eyes and you’ve done a great job with this blog!

  lkm530 wrote @

Great use of media, sir! The emotion this video evokes can really help get your readers on the bandwagon for your cause. I feel very strongly about this topic as well, and wish you all the luck in the world. I hope this gets read by more than just people in our class!

  forevercouture wrote @

This was a very interesting video, thank you for sharing it! I think it was great for this to include in your blog, it added a human appeal to emotion that was very effective. I think that this a very important issue and I’m glad that you are blogging about it. Hopefully this will affect not only your change agent, but the people who are in opposition to you and convince them to support gay marriage.

Ps. I love your take on it: making people less whole is a great way to describe this issue.

  sfante2 wrote @

Love the video. I like that you incorporated it into your blog because it enhanced the emotional appeal. I feel that it made us connect to your topic a lot more. I really enjoyed it.

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