Why this topic and what do I hope to achieve?

I grew up in a small town in New Jersey, before moving to Orange County, California 4 years ago, and have spent the majority of my life in small communities. After making this move I realized I had lived in a bubble, where there was no such thing as homosexuality.

I quickly realized that there was an entire world I hadn’t experienced and I began to realize I was a member of this community. Around this same time I began to understand what statements like “thats so gay” or “what a fag” really meant and how offensive they are.

During the Summer of 2008 the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of Same Sex Marriage and for the first time same sex couples were equal to opposite sex couples in every way.

The 8th Proposition of the 2008 California State ballot measures was 14 words long but these 14 words made California the first state to remove rights from a community of people.

Maggie Gallagher- President, National Organization for Marriage

The organization that pushed the hardest for the passage of Proposition 8 was the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), lead by Maggie Gallagher (pictured).

With this blog I aim to convince Maggie Gallagher that the National Organization for Marriage is wrong and should be disbanded.



  britt593 wrote @

This is a very intense topic and I feel like you will make a difference at least with people who read this blog, if not with Maggie Gallagher herself. I had no idea that such an organization existed, let alone was pushing for the passage of Prop 8. Most of the people I know voted against the proposition and I want to know more about what this organization is all about and why they believe so passionately in taking away a right of a human being. Good job!

  taylorgalyan wrote @

I really like how interactive the blog is and the reader becomes an active part and feels emotion through the blog. I am interested to see where you take this blog and will definitely impact peoples opinions and change some.

  perry115 wrote @

I feel very passionately about this subject as well, mainly because I do not understand why people would not want others to be happy. I have heard peoples arguments on why they believe only a man and a woman should be able to get married and their reasons are so simple, not strongly backed up and absolutely ruthless. I think people should be able to be with whoever they want, and no one should judge them or hinder their ability to do so in any way. I thought it was very strong of you to put that picture of Maggie Gallagher in your blog because it gave followers of your blog someone to identify as the leader of this harsh group. I look forward to gaining more insight into this enormous issue and hope your blog creates a much needed change. I think it was extremely simple and to the point and I understood exactly what you were trying to get done. The visuals made it very appealing and showed things that readers of the blog need to be aware of.

  Rin wrote @

In just one blog post you have made me feel connected to both you and the topic, but I am most interested in your choice of change agent. I feel that focusing your aim on the disbandment of the largest obstacle to same sex marriage (and consequently human rights) is the perfect way to call for change, and to persuade your readers along the way. I look forward to further posts.

  luckeeduck87 wrote @

I was hoping somebody would shed some new light on this topic. This is obviously a very sensitive and current issue that is afflicting the United States. My only concern is your change agent because how do you change a bigot’s mind when they are so stuck in their ways? I feel like she’s heard this all before and she remains hateful and biased. I hope that you are able to change some people’s view on this issue, especially those that don’t understand that a human right is a human right and everyone deserves to be treated with dignity. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!

  takingouttheticketmaster wrote @

I am very excited to see more posts from you on this topic. It is extremely close to me and I am eager to gain more knowledge on what the National Organization for Marriage is and the strategies that you will suggest for disbanding it. No one should be denied the right to marry and I am glad that someone chose to take on such a significant, yet controversial issue for their blog!

  evangelinelyu wrote @

I like where you say,

The 8th Proposition of the 2008 California State ballot measures was 14 words long but these 14 words made California the first state to remove rights from a community of people.

It’s powerful and I like it, I want to know what those 14 words are

  DJ MAGIC wrote @

Yea, California has a tendency to change the opinions of those who live here. This post is especially interesting to consider in a state that has so many more rights than others…

  seatbeltssavelives wrote @

I love that you know exactly what the proposition said and how long it was. This is a great topic because I personally was appalled by the state of California. I have always felt like California is such a liberal, accepting, and innovative state. Great choice in a change agent as well.

  janetnguyen wrote @

This is one of the most passionate blogs I’ve read yet. You’ve really captured your audience with combing knowledge and research with your personal experiences. I’m excited to read if you gain her attention.

  savehumans wrote @

First of all, the aesthetic layout of your blog is fantastic. I’m really interested to read the rest of your posts, but so far I’m really impressed with the way your presenting your own perspective while advocating for a community at the same time. Good work!

  angrydriver wrote @

very good first two posts providing your argument and people’s personal experiences to relate to. It will be interesting to read your forthcoming posts.

  cooperativelifestyle wrote @

I can tell your passion for this change through the way you write and formatted your blog. I feel you have great potential to make a difference!

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