A note to my classmates! READ FIRST

My fellow classmates,

I know we are all busily reviewing blogs and I wanted to leave a recommendation for how to review my blog. Take a few minutes and watch one or two of the video’s after skimming the posts. You will understand my point of view and hear the research.

A note about my layout, I choose this because it is a fragmented layout, which is how I feel because of this issue, I feel like I am less whole. Enjoy reading!


Maggie Gallagher Steps down from NOM

Maggie Gallagher- President, National Organization for Marriage

One Monday, April 19th Maggie Gallagher announced she will be stepping down as President of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). She has been President of NOM since it was founded three years ago, in 2007. Maggie will continue to serve on the Executive Committee and is writing a book for Oxford University Press call “Debating Same-Sex Marriage”. Maggie Gallagher was selected by the Church of Later Day Saints of Jesus Christ to run their front group NOM.

Brian Brown-Executive Director, National Organization for Marriage

Maggie will be replaced by Executive Director, Brian Brown who has been with NOM since its inception in 2007 and open their Washington DC office last year. Before joining NOM in 2007 Brian was the Executive Director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, a anti-gay organization which focused on Connecticut issues.

Read Maggie’s full announcement on the NOM Blog: http://nomblog.com/846/

Lady Gaga: Love is better then hate!

One of the many celebrities who is speaking about the injustice of Proposition 8 and supporting the Gay Rights movement is Lady Gaga.

In an interview with Fuse TV, shortly before embarking on her World Wide Monster Ball tour in late 2009, she shared her point of view on homophobia, proposition 8 and gay rights. Take a look.

Why should any heterosexual care?

Why should anyone who isn’t gay care?

Could you imagine if something you had dreamed about from the beginning was not possible because of who you loved?

What if you were not allowed to visit your significant other when they were in the hospital?

What if you couldn’t take care of your family because in the governments mind you were not a family?

What if your marriage was only recognized within your state lines and the moment you crossed them you no longer were legally married?

All of these are rights heterosexual couples have if they choose to marry that same-sex couples are denied, even if they have a civil union. You may still be asking yourself why should I care? And that is a fair question, but picture yourself without those rights? Would you want others to rise up and help you get those rights or would you want them to sit back and watch?

Same-sex marriage is a simple human rights issue of all humans having the same rights and it takes an army of voices and support to make this happen and it cannot just be homosexuals but it must be a chorus of individuals all joining together to say that all people should be equal no matter race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

Because we all want a better world and have to work together to achieve it!

I am whole

I have never in my life felt more robbed and less of a human being then on Tuesday, November 5, 2008. I was told by the state I now call home that I do not deserve to have the same rights as those who are straight. I was told by Maggie Gallagher, NOM and the Church of Later Day Saints of Jesus Christ that I am not equal to them. That they can control my life and tell me who I am and how I should act!!


I am whole!

I have never felt more passion, dedication or conviction to person by person prove to those who voted YES on 8 that I am as deserving of the same rights as they are. I do deserve to be a whole human being and next time when same-sex marriage comes up for a vote I know this state and this country will vote to have all of its members have the same human rights as those opposite sex couples have!!

The Finally and The Beginning

Many YES on 8 supports believed that Tuesday, November 5, 2008 was the end of the fight however, the passage of Proposition 8 has only cause NO on 8 supports to become more driven and more passionate to getting equal rights for all couples across the country.

Maggie Gallagher and NOM may have won the battle but they have not won the war, they have only caused the creation of an army to build against them and for that I am forever thankful to you Maggie Gallagher!


Leading up to election day, Tuesday, November 8, 2008 protests began occurring regularly throughout the state of California in favor an against Proposition 8. Frequently these opposing views would place themselves opposite each other and scream and battle with each other over their points of view and why they were right.

The YES on 8 supports frequently berated the NO on 8 supporters blaming them for AIDS, terrorism and other items.

Watch what happened when Tyler and Spencer went to join the NO on 8 protest in San Francisco, CA.

Now imagine being in their shoes? Could you stand there and feel human after having those hateful things said to you?